GreenSol Aerosolsystem

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GreenSol Aerosol Systems


GreenSol Aerosol is a unique and extremely effective suppression agent which can be used in applications like electrical rooms (e.g. HV rooms, No break rooms, control rooms, warehousing), generator rooms and archives.

GreenEx’s GreenSol Aerosol offers the following exceptional advantages:

  • UL-2775 Listed
  • Ecologically safe and environmentally friendly (O.D.P.=0, G.W.P.=0)
  • Extremely effective suppression agent – 100gr/m3
  • Uniquely easy to install and maintain
  • No significant pressure build up
  • Very cost effective
  • Non pressurized containers
  • No piping or nozzles required
  • Approved as Halon alternative for non-occupied spaces
  • Non toxic
  • Low maintenance
  • SNAP listed by EPA

GreenSol suppression technology is based on the chemical reaction of solid energetic materials that generate, via the combustion process large amounts of a highly efficient, cost effective, powdered aerosol that acts chemically and physically on the fire to extinguish within seconds.

GreenEx offers a wide range of user-friendly self-contained fire extinguishing modules, as well as tailor made modular suppression systems to address the commercial, industrial and military market needs. Our smallest generator can protect even the smallest enclosures
(≤ 0,2 m3), while a single of our largest generator can protect a room up to 50 m3. Multiple generators can be used to protect large or odd shaped compartments.

GreenEx is committed to supply the worldwide market a new generation of extinguishing systems, with superior, highly reliable, safe and high-end extinguishing performance. GreenEX products have been developed and are manufactured by highly experienced scientists and engineers in the military propellant industry. These products meet the toughest performance standards and MIL-SPECS required by the defense market.