FirePASS – system för permanent syre-reducering

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permanent oxygen reduction system

Data centers and server rooms are text book examples of rooms with the highest risk to business continuity after a fire. Fast detection of a fire is not enough. Even the smallest fire, while effectively extinguished, can cause down times and consequently enormous costs. A permanent prevention of the cause of the fire is therefore desirable.

For applications like server rooms, data centers, archives, electrical sub stations, and museums, GreenEx offers FirePASS® permanent oxygen reduction systems that create a permanent hypoxic environment. The FirePASS® permanent oxygen reduction systems is the only available system that actively prevents a fire.

FirePASS® is a revolutionary fire prevention technology. It has the unique ability to create a breathable oxygen-reduced (hypoxic) environment which prevents flame ignition and, at the same time, is safe and healthy for human occupants.


The FirePASS® technology guarantees:

  • Unmatched fire safety
    FirePASS® prevents fire proactively instead of suppressing it after it has started and damage has already occurred.
  • Absolute safety for human beings
    FirePASS® produces and uses breathable air for fire prevention thus avoiding any hazard to human occupants and any damage to the prevented rooms and their content.
  • Environmental friendliness
    FirePASS® uses natural, ambient air as its resource – no chemicals, no gases or similar are involved. The FirePASS® agent is simply hypoxic (oxygen-reduced) air. Nothing is added.
  • Simple installation
    No piping is necessary. FirePASS® systems are tailor made in the factory, reducing installation times significantly.

What is a hypoxic environment?

A hypoxic environment is an environment where the oxygen level is reduced. Reducing the oxygen level in a room from 21% (normal atmosphere) to 16% – 14% (depending on risk and fire class), prevents ignition from all common ignition sources. For human respiration such atmosphere is comparable with a passenger plane or a mountain resort (2140 meters or 7.000 feet): safe without any side effects.

FirePASS® :
The next generation Fire Prevention and suppression systems!